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clocking 7Sep2007 15:06

Mysql And Php
hi everyone!
So, I have one problem. I have to design A database about data of pictures.
I have to design on mysql and show on powerpoint. However database's quite large.
Ofcourse I'll use PHP, so, I worry because time not long.
Could you help me? :)

shabbir 7Sep2007 18:10

Re: Mysql And Php
So what's your query?

clocking 28Sep2007 16:03

Re: Mysql And Php
Using Php and Mysql creating a webpage.
certainly, may be sqlserver2000 more good.
And database relate pictures of history.

shabbir 28Sep2007 17:04

Re: Mysql And Php
Still I am not sure what you are asking.

clocking 28Sep2007 19:12

Re: Mysql And Php
ok, Using PHP and Mysql to design a picture web page. find images and creat to database based on it.
The most important problem is designing a good database.

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