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ThePokerPlaza 6Sep2007 20:33

Looking for PHP Entrepreneurial Partner

I'm currently the owner and operator of a site called The Poker Plaza.
I'm looking for an entreneurial partner who is interested in a project
and willing to do some work on adding content and updating the site.
I do all the leg work with supplying content, exchanging links,
contacting affiliate managers about setting up exclusive bonuses and
private league tournaments. I also have a spreadsheet listing all
160 poker rooms of which I have affiliate accounts set up with every
single one of them.

A poker player would be great for this position but not neccessary.

If anyone is interested in some sort of partnership, drop me a line
at riverstevens at hot-maildotcom

Best Regards,
Steven Lariviere
The Poker Plaza
www dot thepokerplaza dot com

arbaz.it 27Feb2008 11:57

Re: Looking for PHP Entrepreneurial Partner
any opening for ce 2007

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