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idz 6Sep2007 19:02

Wamp Installation
Hiii guys :)
1)Can anyone tell me please,how to install php mysql in a desktop computer? It has Win XP Pro installed.
2)Also,how to install WAMP?Is it necessary?

idz 6Sep2007 19:03

Wamp Installation
Also,where to get the WAMP?
Can anyone provide me a link please? :rolleyes:

shabbir 6Sep2007 19:34

Re: Wamp Installation
WAMP is just all in one ( Apache MySQL and PHP for Windows ) and you can download it from http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html and LAMP is for Linux.

idz 6Sep2007 22:14

Re: Wamp Installation
But which file should I download-the xampp-win32-1.6-installer.exe or xampp-win32-1.63a.exe? :rolleyes:
And how should I install & run PHP after installing these? :confused:

jwshepherd 6Sep2007 23:27

Re: Wamp Installation
the 1.63a is the latest. the download should include everything you need, exept linux. I haven't tried it in a while, but it has been known to be unstable in windows, like most things though. I would look for a linux vmware image if I were you.

shabbir 7Sep2007 08:29

Re: Wamp Installation
Just double click and All (PHP, MySQL, Apache) will be installed on your system and you don't need to be doing anything else for installing them seperately.

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