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arvind_khadri 5Sep2007 19:28

how exactly can we deine a function...(define as in english not the coding part)

DaWei 5Sep2007 19:37

Re: Functions
In C/C++ a function accepts 0 or more arguments and performs work with them. It often, but not always, returns a value. Unlike inline code, a function can be invoked from any point in the program. When it has done it's job, execution will resume from the point at which it was called.

Consider y = sin (x). sin is the function, x is the argument, and y is the return. The work the function does is to calculate the sin of the argument and return the result.

arvind_khadri 5Sep2007 19:45

Re: Functions
ok...then wats an inline code...eg is a codin written in a for loop a inline code

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