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idz 4Sep2007 21:22

Php html books
Hiii :)
Which is the best book on PHP & Mysql(not any Online tutorial or e-books) that I can purchase offline from a bookstore.I have only basic knowledge of C programming.
Also,what is the best book on HTML(I mean Offline resources & not e-books)?
I have searched the forum but could not find a exact answer to my questions.So I post this here.
If anyone kindly guide me I will be greatly obliged.
Thanks in advance.

shabbir 4Sep2007 22:01

Re: Php html books
I would buy - Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development

idz 4Sep2007 22:39

Re: Php html books
:confused: That book has only 3 &1/2 stars rating by only 10 reviewers in amazon.com!!! :eek:

shabbir 5Sep2007 08:03

Re: Php html books

Originally Posted by idz
:confused: That book has only 3 &1/2 stars rating by only 10 reviewers in amazon.com!!! :eek:

Average one more 4 star from me and one more review that its good book.

Also did you see any bad review about the book.

idz 5Sep2007 11:30

Re: Php html books
Yes,I saw some bad reviews too.Some reviews in Amazon.com are very bad... :eek:
I quote here 3 bad reviews(refer-- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/cus...ustomerReviews)

2 &1/2 stars ...This book was written by functional illiterates, June 29, 2007
By Web Boy...
The authors are great PHP programmers, I have no doubt, but terrible writers. I do not recommend this book. Like most bad technical writers, they make a big production about trivial concepts, then gloss over difficult concepts without explaining them in detail.

1 star rated by Kevin Tough(Germany)
Well its been on my shelf for a couple years and how I've opened it. I am on page 165 and back to Amazon to search for a book to replace it.The book is outdated. The forum for the book is not well visited. The support code for the book is failing images and some files. The code is written inconsistantly, different authors, and there is no mention of this or proper coding examples. Variables are created on the fly and creates some error messages with uptodate PHP. The explanations of certain things requires several readings sometimes to fill in blanks that a beginner should have explained. The use of CSS is not even mentioned so far and the html does not meet Xhtml standards. We must not forget the book was copyrighted in 2004.
I have purchased "Beginning PHP and MySQL 5" by Jason Gilmore and it seems to be a resonable book but leans more towards a reference text. The search continues...
Kevin Tough

Not Worth One Star
By- ininmitable(Vancouver, BC, Canada) (Rated 1 star)
Worst book of all time, sorry guys and gals but whoever wrote and edited this book should buy a book themselves "Learn to Write and Edit by DUMMIES". To many typo's and script errors which did not work!
Actually I would give the book a 5 star rating if they changed the name to Trouble Shooting Script Errors, Test Your Skills!

shabbir 5Sep2007 12:00

Re: Php html books
I am not sure but when I am looking to start on PHP I found it useful. I always have the script to start with and its always the case that I need to Trouble Shoot and so I like the book.

shabbir 5Sep2007 12:03

Re: Php html books
My other best book. Mastering PHP 4.1 with CDROM (Paperback) > I would still prefer to buy the first one. I have both of them as of now.

pradeep 5Sep2007 12:28

Re: Php html books
The best thing I consider is the PHP manual available at http://php.net

idz 5Sep2007 19:09

Re: Php html books
Thank you for your advice.
But one last clarification-I have read in the amazon.com reviews that the book has many errors in its codes and materials...is it true? :rolleyes:

shabbir 5Sep2007 21:34

Re: Php html books
Now I have not run and debug all its codes and if you find anything that should be a challenge to solve it. I normally use any programming language book as an handbook and nothing more than that. Programming cannot be learned by reading but by doing it.

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