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shabbir 4Mar2006 16:09

Put your monitor to sleep.
You can save electricity and money and help protect the environment by activating your monitor's "sleep" feature in Windows XP. Activating sleep settings on just one computer prevents approximately 300 pounds of Carbon di-oxide emissions each year.

Putting your monitor to "sleep" means allowing it to go into a low-power mode when you're not using it. To "wake" your monitor, you simply touch your mouse or keyboard.

To activate monitor power management ("sleep") settings:
1.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2.Double-click the Display icon.
3.Click the Screen Saver tab.
4.In the Monitor Power box, click the Power button.
5.In the Turn off monitor box, select After 10 mins, or choose a time that you find appropriate.

intel17 2Jul2006 02:18

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Yes that is the best way to save electricity apart from turning it off, i do that on all of my monitors, im sure it saves them from dieying as quickly as well.

neo_vi 5Feb2008 11:12

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Its better not to use that windows setting by going into power options.
Instead there are softwares like Turnoff monitor from RTsofwares, It does the job with a simple shortcut key, Cos if u set the timing as 1min for sleep and you are thinking of some idea. Suddenly ur monitor goes to sleep. its a bit frustrating. So its better to use some softwares.
If u need it juz mail me.

husnatajtech 7Feb2008 18:38

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Nice Info by Shabbir!!!

JobMatchNow 12Jun2008 20:54

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
I always turn my monitor off, but this is a more efficient way, some monitors have a buit in power safe options.

Dak914 14Jun2008 07:54

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Excellent! I try to convince my friends to help the environment all the time! If everyone understood that every peson on this planet (including comp geeks, like me) needs the environment, then we wouldnt have to worry about global warming.

GreenGrass 19Jul2008 17:04

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Nice one...

cutegirl2000 28Nov2008 23:21

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
Thanks A Lot.

TriG0rZ 1Dec2008 23:40

Re: Put your monitor to sleep.
nice, lol my dad will be happy about this one lol

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