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jperezch 28Aug2007 15:29

Trading manager job (NationWide)
FFK STONE OY is a Finnish company which specializes in the exportation
of ornamental stones (for civil construction), especially granite slabs
and blocks.
We work to offer the best service, quality materials and an extensive
variety of options. We combine excellence in service with
competitiveness in prices. The result- satisfied and loyal customers.
Our interest is not simply to make a sale; more than this, we want to
know our customers' needs, offer solutions with quality and competitive
costs; to become not merely a supplier but a real partner.
Specializing in slab supply, we count on a 'know how' aquired through
block exports, quarry management and block selection.
FFK STONE OY is an essentially commercial company with modern
installations at our central office, offering technology and services
with a fast and continuous communication channel through cellular
telephones 24h, emails, website, video conference, etc...
All these efforts work to accomplish our objectives- strengthen our
relationships and supply PRIME material for our customers and partners.
Moreover, our company is very well-known for its Shadow Stone design
Shadow Stone is prepared by carving into black granite, almost as
accurate as a photo, black-and-white interior picture. Shadow Stone
interior solutions are appropriate for individual targets, public
as well as company demands.

Our company offers vacancies in Trading Management as a consequence of
the trading market expansion.
The person in the position of Trading Manager will process and track
all purchase orders of our clients, collect payments from the customers
of you region and provide weekly status reports on projects.
If you are interested in this position, please send your CV (including
previous working experience) to our public e-m@il and our
representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Please email your resume to jperezch@yahoo.com

jperezch 5Sep2007 19:29

Re: Trading manager job (NationWide)
Please delete post.

shabbir 5Sep2007 21:36

Re: Trading manager job (NationWide)

Originally Posted by jperezch
Please delete post.


imrantechi 27Feb2008 11:18

Re: Trading manager job (NationWide)
openings still there

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