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sheisty_70 26Aug2007 19:18

Programmer needed
need someone to do my assignment. i am paying good money as well..

its a threads programming assignment, only worth 10% about an hours work apparently for bad *** programmers

let me know asap

sheisty_70 26Aug2007 19:18

Re: Programmer needed
c or c# is the language

shabbir 26Aug2007 20:40

Re: Programmer needed
I have moved the thread from Job Seeker to Employer section.

matherectus 13Sep2007 13:06

Re: Programmer needed
Just go here <<Link Removed>> . You can hire a great programmer her with a cheaper cost but quality performance

clocking 28Sep2007 15:28

Re: Programmer needed
I think embedded application's important.

rahul.mca2001 25Feb2008 16:05

Re: Programmer needed
are there any openings for 2008 freshers.

parvez.yu 27Feb2008 12:22

Re: Programmer needed
opening for 2007 fresher

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