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printer 26Aug2007 14:48

Compile, Linking, Error

I have this error.. I just tryed to create a new project from another that works (compiles), and I builded the new one with all the files and when I try to compile I get that errors..

can anyone help me :confused:

DaWei 26Aug2007 17:04

Re: Compile, Linking, Error
You're referencing a variable or function that hasn't been defined in any of the files available to the linker. You have presented far too litle information to say more. I can't even read the name of the symbol.

printer 27Aug2007 06:44

Re: Compile, Linking, Error
but any posible solution ? .. I told I try to create a new project based on the original project.. I try to say a new that includes all files of the other, but the other does compile and link ok.. I think its because this snif snif

DaWei 27Aug2007 08:01

Re: Compile, Linking, Error
Of course there's a possible solution. That solution will be more rapidly forthcoming if you present relevant information, as opposed to just blathering and whining in frustration.

I'm not going to go into, again, the importance of relevant information. See the thread, "Before you make a query."

Now, let me ask you a question. If you post some image that is unreadable, do you really suppose that the image constitutes valuable information? Get real. Grow up. Make some less-than-ineffective attempt to be sensible.

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