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brittany_Carter 24Aug2007 11:20

Can Anyone Help?
Hi friends,
I am a nonprofit and I am trying to figure out how to create a social networking site for my members and volunteers on a budget. Do you know where we could get some help with this? Any recommendation will be appreciated.

shabbir 24Aug2007 11:34

Re: Can Anyone Help?
You can try some of the open source available.

jwshepherd 24Aug2007 12:59

Re: Can Anyone Help?
depends on what you want. All of the following are free
CRM- sugar crm
FORUM - yabb, phbb
BLOG -B2Evolution

shabbir 24Aug2007 17:23

Re: Can Anyone Help?

Originally Posted by jwshepherd
BLOG -B2Evolution

Add wordpress to it as well.

alberto 27Aug2007 12:20

Re: Can Anyone Help?
I would like to recommend you for wonderful site called rsitez.com itís provides lots of features and tools for creating a successful social network site. Itís pretty inexpensive but you will get excellent services. Hope this help you.
Best of luck!

brittany_Carter 6Sep2009 14:58

Re: Can Anyone Help?
Hi, I certainly agree with you. Your advice is really very helpful for us.
Thanks a lot!

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