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tailhook123 21Aug2007 20:50

Question about namespaces in VB.NET
I've been reading about namespaces in VB.NET and had a question. I understand how they're implemented in code syntactically... but what i'm wondering is how you make a library out of them? Would it be proper to make a class library out of them(a .dll apparently.. second solution in creating a project) or is it implemented via a .lib? Is everything accessible if its a .DLL? I'm used to DLL's only exposing specific functions.

What i'm looking to do is take a class, put it in a namespace, compile it to some type of library file, dump that file in my overall program directory, and then be able to access the class by calling out the namespace and simply using it as if it was part of the project itself. Basically like using the imports off of the .net framework.. but I want to do it with my own code.

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