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yogi 20Aug2007 10:35

Hi Dudes,

One of my friend got into some trouble.....and want some information to recover from that.....matter is...

few months back he joined a MNC, but because of weather conditions he couldn't adjust there, he got serious health problems. so within 5days he joined, get out from that company and informed them over phone but not writtenly, he didn't sign up any bond...but he gone through all the firstday formalities...opening up the accounts..etc.,

After coming back 2 months later he got telegram and registered posts from that compay that if he won't come n join the company they may take some legal actions.....so he was terrified for this.....

can anybody tell what he need to do in this position and is anybody got this type of situations to suggest him the best solution.......


shabbir 20Aug2007 11:31

Re: Help
Send them a written resignation letter with Registered Post and when some one accepts from the company he gets an acknowledgment.

yogi 20Aug2007 16:48

Re: Help
Thanks shabbir.
But previously when he got the registered post he took that one and didn't send any reply.

When i told him recently, he said he got one more letter with the same company and with the name legal on the top of that registered post....and so he disagreed to take that letter and denied that... will that costs him anything?? If in such a cases what actions they may take?


shabbir 20Aug2007 17:16

Re: Help
I am not a legal adviser but its better to be going for a Resignation letter.

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