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Bhullarz 18Aug2007 06:16

Bootable Windows Pen Drive
Hi all ! I have an image of live cd of Windows Xp named as "Windows_Workstation_XP_SP2_Live_CD__August_2006_R elease". Its a Live CD. I have tested it.Its working perfectly fine when burn on CD.
Now I want to burn it to my 2 GB Kingston Pen Drive. But I don't know how...Can somebody help me that how can we burn a bootable windows image to pen drive?

shabbir 18Aug2007 07:31

Re: Bootable Windows Pen Drive
I am not sure the CD image will work on the Pen Drive but what you can do is have the XP installed on the system and then format the pen drive for a bootable disk.

pradeep 18Aug2007 13:23

Re: Bootable Windows Pen Drive
Check this out http://www.cnet.com.au/software/oper...9271777,00.htm

Bhullarz 18Aug2007 22:54

Re: Bootable Windows Pen Drive
the link you have given PARDEEP, is just for making a pen-drive boot-able for windows Xp.Thats it. But i want operating system on my pen drive which can be used anywhere where pc supports usb booting option....

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