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DJ_immortal 17Aug2007 13:11

Help Me download
Guys is there a software available which can monitor my bandwidth usage every 10 mins or so .....and
disconnect(if connected)and than reconnect if the bandwidth usage goes below 2kb/s....
If Not guys can anyone plz teach me how to do it............

I usually keep p2p running when im away from my pc..but u torrent stops downloading after 90mb so i have to disconnect and reconnect to resume downloading..
Thats the reason i looking for something like this

SpOonWiZaRd 6Dec2007 22:55

Re: Help Me download
If you know a reasonably good programmer then you can ask him/her to write you a program like that, I have never heard of anything like that...

gameyharp 3Jan2008 18:40

Re: Help Me download
Get a program called autoit or something like that it. It lets your create and run very simple or complex scripts. I could try and make the script if you wanted to, just send me a pm.

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