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ialien 12Aug2007 15:55

C# windows application closed by widows
my application listens for socket connections. client can open socket connections and transmit messages. it connects to another server to get updates. each second my application get 300-400 data updates filters them and tranmits the updates to the connected clients same filterred 10 to 12 updates to each clients.
When 500 clients connected to my application its cpu use was 40-80% memory use 15 MB but after 3 hours I get windows error. some window apprears saying "This application encountered some problem needs to shut down. Sorry for the enconvience." Amazingly my app is running happyly no change in cpu and mem uses. When i close the error window it shuts my app.

This is a multithreaded application. I checked for deadlocks confident that there is none and .net 2 handles deadlock itself. Confident that there is no memory leaks. Application totally written in C#.
Can anybody help how to ger rid of this windows error?

shabbir 12Aug2007 23:37

Re: C# windows application closed by widows
Now thats a very wierd test case of crash running after quite long time.

I would suggest you check for error where (I mean function name in the error if its a .NET Error) the error is occuring and get some idea.

rhaazy 22Aug2007 02:16

Re: C# windows application closed by widows
I would almost guarantee that someplace the application is pooling up memory, and the application is being closed due to it reaching its application memory limit.

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