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bremhillbob 8Feb2006 23:35

USB problems
I'm having problems with all USB devices and have no idea how to fix them.

All deviced that are plugged in at system start time work perfectly but if I plug in a new device (eg a memory stick) it gets recognised by the computer (I get a audio tone to indicate connection) but I cannot see it in 'My Computer'.

I have software that syncs the contents on a removable hard drive. If the hard drive is plugged in at system start - everything is perfect, if I plug it in after the system has started the external hard drive cannot be seen but the sysn software still works.

I sometimes get the message of a USB1 device being plugged in even though I think that everything I have is USB2.

I've tried uninstalling all USB devices from the Device manager and re-installing but the problem remains

Anyone out there able to help me?

shabbir 9Feb2006 05:00

Re: USB problems
It looks like your PnP(Plug and Play) does not seems to work properly and you can try out the following steps

1. Insert the USB
2. Right Click My Computer and click on Properties
3. Go to HardWare tab
4. Click on Device Manager Button
5. Right Click on the Tree View and clcik "Scan for Hardware Changes"

This should probably detect the new hardware inserted correctly.


bremhillbob 14Feb2006 03:49

Re: USB problems
Thanks for this shabbir (and sorry for the delay in replying). I'm not sure that its pNp thats up because the device does get recognised (it the computer makes a noise to say it recognises the drive) it's just that I seem unable to open the device.

The drive is there because I use Microsofts SyncTool and syncronisation is fine but 'manually' trying to open it doesn't work (I've tried creating a shortcut to where I know the drive is for example, it allows the shortcut to be created but there is no response to a double click of the shortcut)

shabbir 14Feb2006 08:21

Re: USB problems
I hope your problem is solved.

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