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nabachi 9Aug2007 00:56

Need a little support.

Im new to this forum and to mysql. Im using Fedora core 7, and i have installed mysql. I tried to create a database in the terminal, but its very confusing.

Is there any GUI application to creat databases in mysql? and i would appriciate if someone gives me some hints and tips.

thanks in advance :)

shabbir 9Aug2007 11:06

Re: Need a little support.
MySQL Query Browser is there for windows but I am not sure if it has any version for *nix.

pradeep 9Aug2007 11:10

Re: Need a little support.
Yes, MySQL Query Browser has a *nix version too! If you have trouble installing it, phpMyAdmin is the best solution!

nabachi 11Aug2007 01:41

Re: Need a little support.
thanks for your help........I really appreciate it.
but it seems that i need to create the database first, because both of them requires to connect to it first......can anyone give me an easy way to create the database and tables tables...or a link to a nice tutorial ??

and one more thing, do you know where the tables are located in linux?

cheers :)

pradeep 11Aug2007 10:06

Re: Need a little support.
Check this out http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=567

shabbir 11Aug2007 10:17

Re: Need a little support.

    [table_option ...]

For complete details refer - Create Tables


    [create_specification [create_specification] ...]

For complete details refer - Create Databases

nabachi 11Aug2007 23:22

Re: Need a little support.
Hi all...
Thanks agian. Your replies gave me an incredible amount of knowledge for me about this. Thanks a lot. and by the way, i have installed webmin which seems a nice web interface tool. Is this a good tool for server administration? forgive me if this is out of my topic. I just wanted your opinion.

Thanks to all that helped me. I will try these tutorials and let you know.


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