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Need_Help 8Aug2007 22:18

Can Anyone Hack Me Knowing My Laptop Ip Address?
With regards to IP addresses.

I use my laptop and my laptop picks up someone's internet connection. So obviously I don't pay for my own Internet connection.

Ok firstly, when entering chatrooms, I have my IP address displayed onto the chatroom screen, which starts 192. ..etc. However when I do a 'whats my ip address' look up on the internet, it gives me a totally different IP address, and going onto the WHOIS website, I traced that IP address to another city. So when administrators in the chatroom, see my IP address, which one do they see? the one that is displayed on the chatroom screen or my original one? (the one i looked up online?)

Now my concern is, someone from the chatroom which i visited knows my IP address, can that person do anything to me with that IP address? can that person hack into my laptop and internet connection and gain my personal details? without my acknowledgment?

Obviously the internet connection isnt secured, but this person who has my ip address,DOESNT live in my area, so they cannot pick it up. so that way I dont have a problem. But he does have my IP address (to this unsecured netwrok) can he gain my personal information?

He hasnt sent me no link or email or anything, that I could have got a virus. But NOTE he DOES have my IP address, my anti-virus isnt so good etc (yes i know it should be) but i dont use my laptop regularly, well hardly.

So re-iterating the above: CAN THIS PERSON GAIN ACCESS TO MY PERSONAL DETAILS? BY HAVING MY IP ADDRESS? can they access my internet connection from the otherside of the UK just by knowing my ip address?

please someone clear this up for me, all advice welcome. I have posted this same question in other thread and my question wanst fully answered. Please could u answer this in a simple way as im not too familiar with computing terminology

thank yoiu

shabbir 9Aug2007 11:05

Re: Can Anyone Hack Me Knowing My Laptop Ip Address?
Moved from Engineering Concepts to Ethical hacking for better responses.

SpOonWiZaRd 17Aug2007 03:12

Re: Can Anyone Hack Me Knowing My Laptop Ip Address?
Wel, he can hack into your system yes, but... Your Laptop was obviously hidden by either a proxy server or a router (That is why you saw a different IP address when you looked up your own IP). The Proxy server does everything on behalf of your computer and if you are behind a proxy server then he must first get past that server to penetrate your system, the proxy server acts as a firewall. Depending on the proxy server's security your laptop will be quite safe. Thats if you are behind a proxy.

The other alternative is that you are behind a router that also can act as a firewall and is very secure (most of the times). The router will basically require the hacker to give some of pre-authentication before he can hack you, the pre-authentication just verifies that he is allowed to use that network and the network will accept him if he gets authentication. That can really make things more difficult for him.

What you can do now is the following:
Do not use a static IP, use dynamic IP.
If you have a password, remove it. (What can he crack if there is nothing to crack...)
Do not Log on with your Administrator account username, create another Admin account with a different username.
If you prefer to use a password and your normal admin account, make it a strong 10-14 characters mixed-alphanumeric password.
Keep your firewall on and do not allow any exceptions.

If you keep by those guidelines he wont be able to hack you, it is possible to make a system unhackable. You can also download a little program called "Who's watching me" that will tell you once someone is busy cracking your password with a remote cracking tool.


jwshepherd 17Aug2007 10:52

Re: Can Anyone Hack Me Knowing My Laptop Ip Address?

Originally Posted by SpOonWiZaRd
If you have a password, remove it. (What can he crack if there is nothing to crack...)

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. One of the easiest passwords to crack is if the user left the password blank. Windows will remotely give you the usernames ( assuming no firewall ) if that is the only obstacle they have to overcome you have lost the battle and the war, your machine will become known as zombie70414.

Get an os that is less likely to be hacked. Stay off of IRC cespools and porn sites. don't open any email you were not expecting. close or turn off all services that are not needed. Use extremely strong passwords made up of three or more words, numbers, sysbls and capitals.
Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow becomes MH11&hfwwa$
Change passwords at a minimum of monthly.
the above password would take about three months to crack on a 3.0ghz computer running brute force all day.

SpOonWiZaRd 20Aug2007 13:21

Re: Can Anyone Hack Me Knowing My Laptop Ip Address?
Yeah, I have mentioned that if you decide to use a password make it a strong one, but if you have done your research in Security+ you would have seen that the best weakness in a windows computer is it's password. And you need a password for remote connections via telnet unless he's got a trojan on your computer that will use a different client, but if you prefer a password, use a strong one.

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