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alqudsmak 7Aug2007 19:01

help me in sound mix
hello every one i am new here , this made me very glad , ineed your help to make sound mix between tow tracks this is my idea by more deatils :
if i have tow sound trackes i want to mix them in new file and they run both time :) :)
please help me very fast

alqudsmak 7Aug2007 23:35

Re: help me in sound mix
:mad: hey any one answer me please fast .
ineed it if the question not clear tell me :(

pradeep 8Aug2007 10:07

Re: help me in sound mix
Try this http://www.google.co.in/search?q=sou...ing%20software

alqudsmak 8Aug2007 17:46

Re: help me in sound mix
thank u for responding but i need code or idea to make my own programe
i didnt need software put code .

alqudsmak 8Aug2007 18:10

Re: help me in sound mix
ok i did download mixpad can any one tell me how its been made what the basic idea help me to make program similar it

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