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lince 7Aug2007 15:14

Headhunter brainstorming value additions
If you do not specialise you cannot value add.

Case A: Large team of recruiters multiple cities / states coverage, decent recruiting brand. Clients are willing to share open positions easily but are very clear that the expected output is just resumes. The message is clear from most clients, do not bother value adding.

Why? What can be clear value additions from recruiters?

Case B: Mid sized team, focused in one or two cities. Do not take ‘run of the mill’ requirements. Specialises in two aspects: Niche skills, high quality of resumes leading to very good yield ratios. Core strength is clearly in head hunting. Creating a network and managing relationships.

What are clear definitions of ‘quality of resume’?

What is your method to derive returns from your resume archive?

Have any of us tried audio resumes or voice resumes, video resumes - for specific positions?

elec.shabnam 26Feb2008 19:28

Re: Headhunter brainstorming value additions
i m from elec branch,is this opening for me

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