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FaRt-Hammer 7Aug2007 08:13

GG-Game's GG-Client !
GG-Client is a gaming platform mostly for Warcraft 3 players and for players that play Defence of the Ancients.

However , my interests lie in teaching the administrators a lesson who seem to treat all of us users like complete shit and trash.

My friend from brazil just recently hacked the client and told the administrators that his only wish was to show the admins how vulnerable GG-c really is , he told them he would stop as soon as they stop treating the users like crap and listen to what they have to say.

Now he is away and there is nothing been done. Is there anyone who can help me go about this? Or help me attain this hack to use it for the greater good ^^ . I know it sounds stupid and hard to believe. But many people are hacking on the silent and taking advantage of it.

The admins think everything is fine and are still acting arrogant ! Especially GG.Mars !

I have a screen shot of a hack that I will upload later. Having some problems right now t.t

FaRt-Hammer 7Aug2007 08:14

Re: GG-Game's GG-Client !
btw the link to download this client is <<Link Removed>>
it's free and small and user friendly.

ivanluna 16Aug2007 02:06

Re: GG-Game's GG-Client !
Fart Hmmer.. how could i teach a moderator a lesson for abusing his power... teach me pls.

OGI2233 29Jan2008 00:35

Re: GG-Game's GG-Client !
help i download ggclient when i want to run it it say this is noot walid win32 aplication? where i can downoad walid?? help link

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