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adroit89 1Aug2007 20:05

data backup??
can any one tell me how to get data back up of the data present in the data base.
for examlpe,
i am creating a table a inserting values into it.tell me how can i get a print out of the table or the data in the table.
If we cant get the print out can we atleast find the location where this table is being stored in the hard disk??

SIKO 2Nov2007 15:19

Re: data backup??
you can export the data into a dmp file then u need to import the data if u need to insert it in another database or to use it in the current database if lost.
To export the data to file C: backap.dmp
exp username/password@database file=C:\bacKAp.dmp tables = tablename full=y

To import the data
imp username/password@database file=C:\backAP.dmp fromuser=urusernamedatabase touser=tothenewuserdatabase ignore=y

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