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RareKyle 1Aug2007 13:27

FTP hacking
is it possible to hack into a ftp and how would that be done? i tried bruteforcing but i dont no the user name of the ftp

SpOonWiZaRd 13Aug2007 20:09

Re: FTP hacking
Alot of the times the username will stay Administrator, but if you are not sure, finger the server toe see which names are logged on (that could only really be done if the system admin is a moron...) try your luck with that or get Brutus AE2 from http://www.hoobie.net and use that with a larger username file and a huge Dictionary (like the one that comes with Cian & Abel) or download some more dictionaries thats french or italian and so forth...

Brute force takes al very long time and I would reccomend that you do some sniffing and see if you could capture any password hashes and use Cian & Abel's cryptonalisys attack to get the password. Cian also comes with winrtgen that generates those tables needed and you can get more info on that tool at http://www.oxid.it


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