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cbisson 31Jul2007 20:46

FTP/PHP error when online

I need to make a little web application for a client who needs to upload multiple files related to a certain software. Some of the files may easily be over 50Mb.

I'm using FTP functions of php to do so. When I test locally and transfer the files on an online server, the files are transfered correctly. When I test online to upload on the same online server, the file just doesn't get transfered.

I checked if FTP was enabled and it is, and they have php 4.

I also tried on different servers and always seem to get stuck once online, so maybe there is something I'm missing here that I have to do when online???

Thank you for your help,


pradeep 1Aug2007 10:03

Re: FTP/PHP error when online
When you test it locally, the local network is faster than the online one, so I guess the online version gets timed out for large files! Set the time limit for your script!

cbisson 1Aug2007 18:27

Re: FTP/PHP error when online
Thanks for your reply,

actually I already did set the lmit to "none".

I even tried testing with little 200Kb files and it still doesn't work.


pradeep 1Aug2007 20:40

Re: FTP/PHP error when online
Code: PHP


Try debugging for FTP messages!

shabbir 1Aug2007 23:44

Re: FTP/PHP error when online
Do you have the upload enabled in your web server you are trying to upload?

cbisson 3Aug2007 21:22

Re: FTP/PHP error when online
I already use set_limit(0) like I said, and yes FTP is enabled!

It there a way I can get specific error messages from the FTP???

I mean I return my own error message when the upload was not successful (either with ftp_put or ftp_nb_put)which doesn't tell me more that the file couldn't be uploaded, but an error coming from FTP saying like "wrong path " or whatever would be helpful!


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