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shawn2004 31Jul2007 03:54

I have been reading Head frist html with css & xhtml,and doing some programming.After I am done with book,should I use my html knowlege and....to create websites with notepad.

What book should I buy for java script?I like books that shows you examples and pictures ....I dont really books that write text.

Should I start learining dreamweaver cs3 too?

btw would you learn php,or asp(Do I have learn c # too.)

Thanks Shawn

shabbir 31Jul2007 08:20

Re: hey
I would suggest you start on making some websites using some Notepad or EditPlus and then you can move on to the dreamweaver.

I would suggest you have better titles to your threads or you will not find good responses.

shabbir 31Jul2007 09:03

Re: hey

Originally Posted by shawn2004
btw would you learn php,or asp(Do I have learn c # too.)

You can learn both but you should be learning ASP.NET and not ASP and if you are learning .NET you should know either C# or VB.NET as ASP.NET is just the framework or technology and you should be doing the code in C# / VB.NET

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