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Time 29Jul2007 22:56

Run-Time Error 10049
Every time I attempt to turn on my computer a message will pop up titled PTsync containing Run-time error '10049':Address is not available from the local machine. Followed by the auto-sync menu in Karen's Time Sync. This error normally means that you have entered an invalid address on the lP address to Bind to, but I do not understand how this relates to Karen's Time Sync. Now I'm not a hacker myself so I'm computer illiterate, not to say that I dont know how to use one, so could someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Time 29Jul2007 22:58

Re: Run-Time Error 10049
Before anyone says anything, I just realized this is the wrong forum, I apalogize but there is no way to delete this thread apparently.

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