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vld_apo 29Jul2007 00:15

Email Generator in C / C++
Hello, I am totally new here,
I would like to create a program in C or C++ which will actually generate valid email addresses. Does someone have any idea how would it be performed in this programming language?? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

shabbir 29Jul2007 10:13

Re: Email Generator in C / C++
What you mean by generate valid email address?

wrecker 29Jul2007 11:00

Re: Email Generator in C / C++
dude, it would be better if you would collect rules for a valid email id. Then just a small code would generate it. Very simple.

shabbir 29Jul2007 17:39

Re: Email Generator in C / C++
Rules of valid email id

1. Should start with character
2. Should have at @ in somewhere.
3. Should have a . after the at and not as the last character
4. Should end with some character.

vld_apo 30Jul2007 21:53

Re: Email Generator in C / C++
Well... uhm, by valid email address I mean that the program should generate email addresses that already exist on the Web !!! Of course, the suggestions that you provided for checking the email address are OK, but that is not what I meant.

So, the program should somehow search the Web for email addresses that exist ! That is why I call it an Email Generator -> it generates an email address, checks if the email exists and , if valid, writes the address in a file, for example "emails.txt".

Alternatively, are there any downloadable email address lists ? If such lists exist, the program should only read from the list and write the emails in a file "emails.txt"

I am not sure if C/C++ is the most suitable language to write this program in, maybe Java is better ? I am hesitating because I expect the program to generate thousands email addresses, and as we all know, C/C++ are very fast languages, but Java is slow. On the other hand, Java is better for Internet programming... So, is it possible to write such a program and how and in what language ?

shabbir 31Jul2007 08:33

Re: Email Generator in C / C++
The only way to check through code is to see if the domain exist or not but unless you send the email you will never know if its exists or not.

Now what you are asking is used by the spammers who collect the email addresses from the web pages that have @ symbol in pages. For these days you will see lots of email addresses are images rather then plain text.

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