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SpOonWiZaRd 26Jul2007 18:59

Fake emails anyone?

I want to send a fake email to my friend, i have done it before, just a very long time ago...

I go into the ESMPT server through telnet... This is what I typed:


EHLO (name)


The server then replies with "accepted"

and then I type my mail, but the end I get this error code out:
"Rejected after DATA: There is no valid sender in any header line"

What does that mean?


Astalavista! :D

shabbir 26Jul2007 21:16

Re: Fake emails anyone?
I am not sure and is also not an expert but these days we need to have a valid address to send such an email. At least in hotmail thats the case.

pradeep 26Jul2007 21:53

Re: Fake emails anyone?
In the data section you'll need to have To:,From:,Subject: and then finally the body! Btw seldom do SMTP server relay anonymous emails!

SpOonWiZaRd 27Jul2007 15:11

Re: Fake emails anyone?
I had that subject and all the other info aswell... but I think the problem lies with that anonomous email you mensioned...


Astalavista! :D

P455w0rd_Cr4kz 7Jan2008 08:56

Re: Fake emails anyone?
Spoon,most isp are blocking that port and or refuse to let you do that,i can't,i use an anonimous email.
go to a proxy,from there type the mailer adress and then send,he can't see you Ip even if he looks hard.

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