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sakthi.abdullah 25Jul2007 18:51

generated servlet error :65535 size limit reached //jsp
While loading a jsp page in Tomcat , I get this error:
Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP Generated servlet error:
The code of method _jspService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit"

Anyone tell me how to overcome this:
Plz consider this things

a)this is the problem with tomcat,since weblogic is able to load the same page

b)the jsp file is generated dynamically from other server.So size varies,unpredictable

c)if u tell me to split the jsp file,plz anyone tell me how to do it(consider that jsp file is dynamic)

pradeep 25Jul2007 20:43

Re: generated servlet error :65535 size limit reached //jsp

sakthi.abdullah 26Jul2007 01:22

Re: generated servlet error :65535 size limit reached //jsp
Thanks pradeep for the reply..

I tried to change memory settings by adjusting the
Tomcat memory pool minimum and maximum setting values... but that doesn't work..

@# Can someone tell me if OC4J.jar( oracle jar file) can be used in tomcat ... bcoz it has few parameters to finetune the jsp settings..But i dont know if we can use here in tomcat ..if so HOW?

plz refr : http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/A...rt.htm#1019100 for this.


sakthi.abdullah 26Jul2007 14:54

Thinking of splitting jsp
I am thinking of splitting that jsap file///

But Behold!! the file is generated dynamic (means other server generates and put the file in the path)...

I have identifed a few things from this jsp which I suspect cause the jsp file size to increase :

Array Name -- Start Line -- End line -- No of lines
var xArray=new Array(" ") -- 1380 -- 3525 -- 2145
var yArray=new Array(" ") -- 3525 -- 12302 -- 8777
var zArray=new Array(" ") -- 12415 -- 21186 -- 8771
var mArray=new Array(" ") -- 21192 -- 22697 -- 1505

Total No of lines ( for arrray declaration only) -->21198

So the arrary declaration itself spans a total of ~ 22K lines of code which is pretty large...

At this point ...How to split the method ???array declaration wise (or) some x no of lines wise ..It ll be helpful if someone can give more ideas and if possible the code segment..


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