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Tutsuo 25Jul2007 16:31

I not asking about hacking into someones photobucket so no worries...

I was just wondering if there was a working exploit or what not to view users pictures even when there albums are set to private. There were a few good ones that all got patched. If anyone can help, i would be in det.

-King of Kings

Tutsuo 28Jul2007 18:45

Re: Photobucket
well... since this thread is doing sooooo well.... (Insert sarcasm here) ...

its been so long i think i will find my own expoit for viewing private albums on photobucket... before the real hackers do... and im consider myself a novice =\

RareKyle 1Aug2007 13:35

Re: Photobucket
i would really like to no how to do this too haha

Tutsuo 2Aug2007 05:47

Re: Photobucket

Originally Posted by RareKyle
i would really like to no how to do this too haha

yea its hard to get a good exploit cause ppl spam it on the inrternet and they end up fixing it in like a week.

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