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webmaster1 24Jul2007 16:40

Live chat services
Live chat support is an essential marketing tool. If you donít have this you are really missing a good amount of sales. Online shopping has become popular and people prefer if over store shopping. Visiting stores takes considerable amount of time and in this hectic lifestyle convenience is of utmost importance. Visitors want quick friendly services and seek online help.

A Live Chat support system provides online real time customer interaction and helps in customer tracking. It provides valuable customer information.

Purchasing a Live Chat system is a daunting task .You must look after the various features it provides. A Live Chat support system typically should have the following features-

Low set up cost and time- The Live chat system should be easy to install and maintain in the long run so as to achieve ease of operations.

maxsoul 27Jul2007 10:45

Re: Live chat services
anybody can help me with database programming?

shabbir 27Jul2007 11:11

Re: Live chat services

Originally Posted by maxsoul
anybody can help me with database programming?

If you have the thread in the right place with the Right Title. Please read the Hints before you make a post

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