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remo 20Jul2007 16:44

I was using session variable in my script.
The default session expire time is 180min.
I have to change the session expire time using php how it is possiable

DaWei 20Jul2007 19:27

Re: session
session_cache_expire (newExpireTime);
session_start ();

Let me recommend the PHP manual as a very good guide for things like this.

remo 21Jul2007 15:11

Re: session
Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I have posted the same in another forum too.
He said me to make changes in ini file.
I am using linux. I am able to find php.conf file in linux.
but no session details in it.
where can i find that file.

pradeep 26Jul2007 10:05

Re: session
The php.conf may or may not be present! Some admins usually put the directives relating to php in the httpd.conf itself! You can find php.ini in /etc/

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