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DC_FC79 16Jul2007 14:10

Task manager
If i open task manager and click on performance it shows the cpu usage history as 100%, how can i lower it,

shabbir 16Jul2007 14:21

Re: Task manager
Is your 100% usage momentarily or its all the time and if its for longer duration of time then you should be checking what are the process which are using your 100% CPU and try to see if they are needed and kill some of them.

DC_FC79 16Jul2007 15:01

Re: Task manager
Its a constant 100%

theres firefox which is using 71,000, svchost using 28,000, vsmon using 25,000, explorer using 24,000 and msn using 16,000, these are the top 5 hungry memory usage

shabbir 16Jul2007 20:17

Re: Task manager
You told the CPU usage but the programs you are talking about is for memory. Check for the one that are using the CPU

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