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ElieK 11Jul2007 05:54

C++ system()
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(void){

system("shutdown -r -f -m \\ -t 60");

return 0;

This command closes a computer on the network, i tried it and it works fine. All i need is to my program to run it so I can run it with the IP adress i will give him. I have been working on this for days....i looked in _popen _pclose but i don't think that's the way. When i run it, it opens about 50 windows of command prompt and then close them. If someone can tell me why my code isn't working i'd be very happy.

Thank you

shabbir 11Jul2007 09:10

Re: C++ system()
You are already providing the ip address in the shutdown command and so I could not understand what you are looking for.

ElieK 12Jul2007 01:18

Re: C++ system()
I could give him another adress....and it could be in a notepad that it would read. Because i have another program that does the control that could give me this information through the notepad.

DaWei 12Jul2007 06:21

Re: C++ system()
Perhaps you could explain precisely what you expect to happen, and how the reality of what actually happened failed to meet your expectations.

ElieK 12Jul2007 07:23

Re: C++ system()
My goal is to be able to close any computer on a network, i have the IP adresses of the computers. I'm an electrical engineer and i work on energy efficiency project, we are using DELTA controllers, which can be programmed in GCL+. In my controller i can write the IP adress of the computer i wanna close in a notepad. In my C++ program i would read the adress in the notepad and i would put it in the system() fonction. If there are any easier ways please feel free to suggest.

Thank you

DaWei 12Jul2007 07:51

Re: C++ system()
So forget easy. Do that. Why are you wasting time and dollars on learning to do something differently that you can already do? Surely you don't think that saving 100 milliseconds is worth the investment?

shabbir 12Jul2007 09:05

Re: C++ system()
Why not have a file where you have list of ip's and read the file and execute the command.

ElieK 12Jul2007 18:10

Re: C++ system()
I don't want to have to do it manually...i want to program to run it. That's the whole point

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