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sabatier 10Jul2007 11:44

Hi everyone,
I'd be eternally grateful if someone could provide me with a quick + easy solution to the following (basic?) task.

I have a user form with the required parameters and a submit button. I have an XML schema which specifies the format for the soap requests and responses. How do I accept user input, wrap it into a soap request, send it via HTTP/POST to a server ( http://localhost:9999/xyz/xyz), wait for a soap response and display the response in a readable format to the user when they press the submit button? Not that hard is it?!

Please try to be a specific as possible because I'm no Java expert. I'm just so confused with all the tutorials about wsdl, bpel, tomcat, jax ws, glassfish etc etc etc!

I use netbeans and java app server 9, though I'm open to other IDEs/servers.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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