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TheKidd88 6Jul2007 21:06

Can't execute created scripts.
I created a new script (runThis) and included line: "$chmod +x runThis" then I save and quit, and type ./runThis into the shell, but it says that permission is denied.

shabbir 6Jul2007 22:19

Re: Can't execute created scripts.
I am not a *nix guy but you can see if you have the execute permission for the file you are trying to run.

munkyeetr 6Jul2007 22:46

Re: Can't execute created scripts.
A couple of things to look for:

Are you the owner of the file you are trying to chmod, or running as root/sudo?
If the user that is trying to change the permission doesn't have enough permissions to change the permissions (deep breathe) you will get a permission denied message.

So, you will have to run the script as either root or sudo, or add sudo to the script like this:


    sudo chmod +x runThis
Now the user running the script will be prompted for their password (they will have to be listed in the /etc/sudoers file) and if they enter it the script will run the command. If not, or if they are not in the sudoers file, they will receive a permission denied message.

TheKidd88 6Jul2007 23:47

Re: Can't execute created scripts.
I created the file, so I don't know why I wouldn't have permission. I also tried the sudo thing and it still says permission denied.

munkyeetr 7Jul2007 02:04

Re: Can't execute created scripts.
Right-click on the file and choose Properties or in a Terminal window open to the directory where the file is and type:

    ls -la
Does it list you as the Owner of the file? I have no problem running that command on a file that I've created.

Also, as I said before, sudo will not work if you're not listed in the the /etc/sudoers file.

What Linux distribution are you running?

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