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siddes 6Jul2007 13:53

Question?? Windows GUI
Hey, im thinking of making my own windows gui for pro sp2.....................
is vb6 with shockwave components good enough for the job???
if it is, is there any API i can call to get explorer.exe functions??

if not, what would be best for the above??

basically im thinking of making something like the reliance web world gui, my own login, my own interface, but obviously dependent on explorer

shabbir 6Jul2007 14:26

Re: Question?? Windows GUI
You can use VB6 but then you need to import the API's from the DLL's to use them.

munkyeetr 6Jul2007 18:51

Re: Question?? Windows GUI
In VB6 enable to APIViewer in the Resource Manager (It's in one of the menu's). This will give you access to the Windows API syntax. Also, make extensive use of the MSDN library to find which API's you want to call to make things happen.

Other good resources are Planet Source Code and TheScarms

munkyeetr 6Jul2007 19:41

Re: Question?? Windows GUI
To clarify the last post (I had to reinstall Visual Studio to be sure), the API Viewer can be activated by going into the menu Add-Ins -> Add-In Manager... then double-click on VB 6 API Viewer to load it, then you can also select the Load On Startup option at the bottom of the window. This will load the API Viewer whenever you are working.

To view the API calls, open the viewer: Add-Ins -> API Viewer
Then choose File -> Load Text File and select Win32API

See the MSDN for usage.

siddes 7Jul2007 14:20

thanks to all above
ok so that answers my question........
can i download or buy the MSDN library from somewhere??
and how much will it cost??

munkyeetr 7Jul2007 17:22

Re: Question?? Windows GUI
Apparently, the MSDN Library for Visual Studio 6 (which is the one you need) is no longer available for download through Microsoft. And it was very pricey for the hobbyist, mind you.

You could look elsewhere for a download seeing as MS no longer wants to supply it. Also, googling terms like "vb api tutorial" "vb api calls" "vb api function" yield some decent results.

siddes 9Jul2007 00:53

Re: Question?? Windows GUI
thanks so much munkyeet...........
i actually should have thought of that before

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