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Relentless 5Jul2007 14:13

What language
What language should a TOTAL Beginner learn first? I'm not really focused at Web development or App at the moment.

Thanks , ryan.

shabbir 5Jul2007 14:31

Re: What language
IMHO C or C++

Relentless 5Jul2007 14:52

Re: What language
So one of those would be best to start out with, recommend any books that will teach easily?

Relentless 5Jul2007 15:55

Re: What language
No one else recommends a language thats good to learn first?

shabbir 5Jul2007 18:04

Re: What language
Refer to the C-C++ forum here and you will see the sticky thread and find lists of good sites related to the topic as well as some free online books available.

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