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jessica_hynes 3Jul2007 14:58

Converting .rpt file code into Perl code
Hi All,

I have a file which contains the following code to generate the report in Oracle

.declare booking_no                    a13
.declare line_code                      a10
.declare line_booking                  a12
.declare book_date                        a11
.declare taken_by                        a10
.declare ud                            a10
.declare ship_name                        a40
.declare ship_addr1                        a40
.declare ship_addr2                        a40
.declare ship_addr3                        a40
.declare ship_cont                        a20
.declare ship_phone                        a20
.declare ship_ref                      a20
.declare fwdr_name                        a40
.declare po_no                                a20
.declare vessel_name                    a25
.declare voyage                        a10
.declare etd_origin                    a11
.declare sail_date                      a11
.declare origin_name                        a20
.declare load_name                      a20
.declare disch_name                    a20

set page_no 1
.set first  "N"
.set no_more_clauses "N"
.declare dest_name                        a20
.declare disch_code                    a4
.declare dest_code                      a4

#dt 1 1 80 #
#dt 2 1 6 9 48 50 61 63 76 80 80 #
#dt 3 1 13 15 34 36 40 42 56 58 62 64 74 75 79 #
#dt 4 1 13 15 49 53 64 66 80 #
#dt 5 1 15 18 52 #

.define lock_tables
        lock table booking_table, booking_hazmat, custdata2, edit_table,
        booking_rates, printer_table in share update mode
.define get_input
        select passkey, '//FAX(fax=' || passkey1, passkey2,
              passkey3, passkey4, printer_name
          into input_booking_seq, fax_header, file_no,
              input_print_rates, myNoteId, printer_name
          from edit_table
        where edit_table.tag = 'BOOKING'
          and edit_table.key = 'PRINT'
          and edit_table.user_id = user
.define get_user_info
        select  user_location,user_name, user_company, &fax_header || ';style=' || letterhead,
                fax_printer, nvl(fax_yn,'N')
        into    user_location, user_name, user_company, fax_header, fax_printer, fax_yn
        from    security_header
        where  user_id = lower(substr(user,5,10))
.define get_fax_printer
      select &fax_header || ';print = Confirm;printer = ' || &fax_printer || ')'
        into    fax_header
        from    dual

.define printMsg
 .execute formatMsg
 .if "&myNote = 'N/A' " then skipMyNote
 .print myNote
 .if "&myNoteExt = 'N/A' " then skipMyNoteExt
 .print myNoteExt
 .add line_count line_count 9
.execute lock_tables
.execute get_input
.execute printer_controls
.execute get_top
.execute get_user_info
.execute get_user_office
.rem --------- this section is added to print bookings by file -------
.ifnull file_no skip_by_file
.report get_lots file_loop
.goto skip_to_end
.rem ------------------------------------------------------------------
.if "&fcl_lcl = 'F' " then ck_fcl 
.execute adjust_letterhead_lcl
.goto skip_over_fcl
.execute adjust_letterhead_fcl
.if "&fax_yn = 'N' " then skip_confirm
.execute get_fax_printer
.goto skip_to_booking
.execute set_no_confirm

I need to write the code for a generic parser which will actually convert the above code in a .rpt file
into perl code and then finally the perl code would generate the report ...

Please help me out for this to process and suggest me if there is any parser module available for that


shabbir 3Jul2007 17:45

Re: Converting .rpt file code into Perl code
Duplicate of Converting Oracle Report .rpt file code into Perl code. Thread closed.

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