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Freak 3Jul2007 12:49

H4ck1n' HOTLOG
1'm 1n73r3573d 1n h0w to m4k3 HOTLOG c0un7 f4k3 c0nn3c710n5.
1'v3 7r13d ch4ng1ng my IP by ch4ng1ng my MAC 1n 7h3 r0u73r 4nd d154bl1ng/4l0w1ng c00ck135;
bu7 7h47 d4mn c0un73r 571ll r3c0gn1535 m3 45 7h3 5am3 p3r50n.
H0w c4n 1 "cr4ck" 7h47 pr0bl3m ? :confused:

DaWei 3Jul2007 18:31

Re: H4ck1n' HOTLOG
There is nothing "elite" about leet. Real people got over it years ago. Grow up.

Freak 3Jul2007 18:44

Re: H4ck1n' HOTLOG
That ain't no answer, if you have something to tell spill it out; otherwise sit quietly and stare ! :mad:

DaWei 3Jul2007 19:22

Re: H4ck1n' HOTLOG
No thanks. I think I hear your mommy calling you.

Freak 3Jul2007 19:26

Re: H4ck1n' HOTLOG
Than you have seriouse schizophrenia :D

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