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ghostomni 2Jul2007 06:21

Xp On Usb
I Have an portable windows xp which can install on on usb drives.
so that u can boot from usb.

i follow all instruction to install
it install through a livexp.bat script and also install properly :p
but after it whaen i try to boot from my usb drive it shows """insert boot device or bootable media"""

can any one help me how to install it??????????????????????

shabbir 2Jul2007 08:18

Re: Xp On Usb
Is your removable media setup as the first choice in boot setup in the BIOS?

ghostomni 2Jul2007 16:38

Re: Xp On Usb

ghostomni 21Aug2007 18:34

Re: Xp On Usb
Hey I found to way to install the xp on usb drive.
but it require only FLASH PEN DRIVES

It work as prtable xp so that u can repair or backup ur data when ur computer os is crash

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