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neil 27Jun2007 18:24

Help!!! Need VB 6
Hi All,

Can you please tell me from where i can download a free software of VB 6.0, I am computer science 2nd year student & need VB 6 for practicing some programms.

Please do the needful. :)


shabbir 27Jun2007 18:32

Re: Help!!! Need VB 6
Its not available for free apart from educational purpose and the source is MS only.

neil 27Jun2007 18:39

Re: Help!!! Need VB 6
I need that only for educational purpose,I have VB for my coming semester,Instead of practicing it in the college,i also want to practice it at my own place.......I got a VB installation CD with the Book which i recently bought,But i have no idea where that CD gone from my bag...


kush_2207 27Jun2007 20:26

Re: Help!!! Need VB 6
Dowload Visual Studio 6 Link -> http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/371...55.TPB.torrent

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