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friend_from_hell666 27Jun2007 00:12

ip addresses
Hey everyone I need to know how to get ip addresses from people I talk to (aim,yahoo,msn). I understand how to search for ports and everything, im just having trouble getting the ip addresses. I understand that netstat -n doesnt work anymore while transferring files in instant messenger programs. Im wondering if there is any program out the that could perhaps be binded with another .exe file like a game (the trojan approach)and the ip address could be sent to me by a mail address I provide? Is there any program available like this if not, whats the most modern approach to doing this? Thanks for any help

shabbir 27Jun2007 08:04

Re: ip addresses
Now there is a program or not I have no idea but if you Google it out the chat port of yahoo messenger you will get that and you can have a program that will listen to that port silently and do what you would like to achieve.

kush_2207 27Jun2007 17:28

Re: ip addresses
yes there is a way that can be used to fetch the ip of opponent. I have used this method and have never failed mostly.

Yahoo Messenger listens on port 5051...so you do netstat -n and get the connections made on local port 5051. Bingo you have the ip address....do the nslookup and you will get the details of city (sometimes),type of connection,ISP etc...

Note -> Try doing this process only when you are talking to only remote computer...If you are talking to more than remote computer you would see multiple connections made via 5051 port....Practicing this can make you better.....

I hope this helps alot :D ... Kindly need your comments...Thanx -- kush_2207

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