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mahauhau 26Jun2007 19:05

Questionnaire Database design
I have designed a small questionnaire and i want to use Ms Access for data entry and storage.
Here is the brief description.
1.Person id
2.date of birth
B.Sports Information about individual
1.do you play any spot ------yes/no
2.what spot do you play -----1.football 2.tennis 3.other
3.is your father still alive-----yes /no
4.what spot does he play------1.football 2.tennis 3.other
5.at what age did you start school
6.what is your political affiliation 1.liberal 2.centre . other

C.For official use only
1.Date of interview-------
2.How enthusiastic was the respondent----1.very 2.Average 3. Below average

How can i go about designing a relational database for the above questionnaire.
I need advice on the relational schema

I will appreciate a link to a site where Questionnaire Database design is discussed

shabbir 26Jun2007 21:52

Re: Questionnaire Database design
The plain and simple design could be all in one table. All is related to the user.

mahauhau 27Jun2007 12:31

Re: Questionnaire Database design
Actually all my thinking led to one table.
I just thought there could be another way to do it.

shabbir 27Jun2007 14:17

Re: Questionnaire Database design
The one table is the best solution for your requirements.

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