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rumenbg25 25Jun2007 01:32

question about command prompt..
hallou! can anybody tell me,how to write a series of commands in command prompt(on windows xp)
for example::BEGIN
Echo This is an endless loop!

and afterall,can i implement a simple programs directly in command prompt? without first put them in a batch file?

shadowskill404 7Jul2007 14:58

Re: question about command prompt..
As for your first question... Writing a series of code in command line for me is impossibe.... Unless you save it as batch...

As for the second question... If your refering to an executable files and you want to run it in command line... Try to copy the Program in the path where your command.com resides... But usually in XP it is commonly found in <B> indows\System32\ </b

shadowskill404 7Jul2007 14:59

Re: question about command prompt..
Sorry that last message there jumbles.... But its


shabbir 7Jul2007 19:16

Re: question about command prompt..
Have a .bat file and copy all the command into the file you would like to execute and then execute the bat file.

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