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M_Ekram 22Jun2007 15:40

Programming Or NetWork
Hi Guys

i don't know where exactly to post my topic

i am going to the third year of electrical engineering
i have to choose between communication departement and the computer one

i am really loving programming but when i started my training in apache company in the IT departement i found that netwrok is also quite exciting and in facts netwrok jobs here in arab countries offer good money and have grerater reputation

i am puzzled now can i go and excel in netwroks and at the same time i can also study programming???

i hope you help me guys
and remeber i am still quite wrong --->19 Years
thanks in advance

shabbir 22Jun2007 18:03

Re: Programming Or NetWork
You should be a master of something rather than jack of everything and whichever interests you most you should persist with that only rather going into programming as well as networking.

M_Ekram 22Jun2007 22:22

Re: Programming Or NetWork
how is work go for both of them

M_Ekram 24Jun2007 12:07

Re: Programming Or NetWork

shabbir 24Jun2007 13:29

Re: Programming Or NetWork

Originally Posted by M_Ekram
how is work go for both of them

Could not get what you wanted to say here.

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