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Bartie 20Jun2007 15:48

.htaccess 301 question

Been trying to make redirect 301 from 1 domainname on my old webserver to a different dommainname on my new site. I'm also using subdomains, the subdomain names are the same.
fe: sub1.domain1.com to sub1.domain2.com

I tried countles redirect rules and combinations in the .htaccess on the old webserver but they don't seem to work. Mostly I'm getting: 500 ERROR: This is not the page you requested.
This is a non-erronous page (500EP) used to display erronous pages (500!EP).

Any suggestions?


shabbir 20Jun2007 18:12

Re: .htaccess 301 question

RedirectMatch 301 sub1.domain1.com sub1.domain2.com

Bartie 21Jun2007 20:21

Re: .htaccess 301 question
Tnx for the help shabbir.

After more research it seemed .htaccess wasn't allowed in the directives of the host. So I had to do it in php :p So I didn't get to check out your redirect

shabbir 22Jun2007 09:27

Re: .htaccess 301 question
Thats the case with many web hosts

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