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p.m.cartwright 19Jun2007 12:23

Todays website accessibility
On the internet, there are many companies which breach UK laws concerning websites accessibility towards disabled people.

Due to the increasing amount of websites online, this means the overall problem is also increasing in size.

My name is Paul Cartwright and Iím a disabled person at The University of Salford, Iím currently developing an online web resource which will help web developers build simple static accessible websites and help in some way to reduce the problem among the Internet.

As part of the research, Iím asking people to help by completing my short online questionnaire (approx 2 Minutes), which will help me assess the views of the developers and users of the Internet.

Please would you help me with this research by visiting the link and completing my questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be found at:

Sorry about the long URL

I thank you in advanced,

Kind regards
Paul Cartwright

shabbir 19Jun2007 15:09

Re: Todays website accessibility
Duplicate of Todayís website accessibility. Thread closed. Having the same thread over and over again does not help but annoys the people reading it.

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