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lowlands 19Jun2007 01:58

iptc info with mouse rollover
Hi guys, this is my first post and I hope that I'm in the right forum for this question.
I run an online ecommerce mysql image library www.fotoquest.net and I want iptc info such as captions and keywords to appear when the mouse rolls over a thumbnail. In the config. section of the site programming I can only feed in a static text which is useless for clients and search engines alike.
Does anyone know what script would allow this?
All help appreciated.
Thanks, Lowlands.

shabbir 19Jun2007 08:32

Re: iptc info with mouse rollover
Why do you way that static text is not good for search engines. Static text is always good for search engines and what is not good is static content. That is if your site content does not change often then its not good for the search engines.

lowlands 19Jun2007 11:47

Re: iptc info with mouse rollover
Well Shabbir, in my case its not good as the static text say's nothing about the content of the image and that is the key issue for me. I need to make my content more searchable for google etc. and if the mouse rollover reveals caption and keyword details then that would be a big plus. Furthermore clients would get all info presented without having to click on the thumbnail for a larger preview photo under which the image information is located.

shabbir 19Jun2007 12:11

Re: iptc info with mouse rollover
Thats fine but then if you image can change dynamically why can't your tips and other things. Are you talking about any CMS you are using which has the configuration.

lowlands 19Jun2007 15:46

Re: iptc info with mouse rollover
You could call it CMS as it is a ready made mysql asset database. The problem is that the user of this system can modify certain aspects of the script but this important aspect has been overlooked. I notice that the mouse rollover on this site gives precisely the effect I'm looking for. My question is how is this achieved?

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